How Baristas Feel About Starbucks’ New Latte Macchiato

nysfe | January 5, 2016 | Seafood Recipes


When Starbucks first announced its flat white, there was mild, call it Blonde Roast, chaos: The end of an era for an Australian cult favorite enjoyed by coffee (and milk) obsessives at boutique cafes the world over. It was like that moment you noticed your favorite indie band soundtracked a car commercial. They sold out.

Starbucks just announced another category of espresso drink, the latte macchiato, which will appear in stores in the U.S., Canada, and Latin America starting today. Except this time, there’s nothing to lament, because the third wave baristas we spoke to don’t really even know what it is or why you would want that drink in the first place. And they’re definitely not psyched to have customers coming in asking for a drink they don’t have on the menu.

A traditional latte (not at Starbucks) with intricate latte art. Photo: Flickr/jonwick

So what is a latte macchiato, anyway? Unlike a caramel macchiato, which is a figment of Starbucks’ collective imagination, it turns out a latte macchiato is a real thing. It’s basically the inverse of a latte. Let us explain.

Traditionally, a latte starts with a shot (or two, at many specialty shops …read more

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