With This Technique, You’ll Never Have to Chop Another Clove of Garlic

nysfe | October 7, 2016 | Seafood Recipes


What if we told you that everything you knew about garlic was a lie? The vampires. The mincing. Well, just those two things really. Cooking chopped garlic is a frustrating pursuit. The smaller pieces brown before the slightly larger ones, making it all taste somehow both burnt and raw. Is all that concentration for one tiny ingredient really worth it? Senior food editor Chris Morocco says there is a better way. It’s time to start cooking smashed garlic whole to get it extra soft and extra flavorful.

Photograph: Brooke Shuman

The Process
Peel the garlic by using the flat side of a knife to press down on the clove to crack it open. It should still be in a single piece, just a flatter, smushed piece. Getting little pockets and crevices for the oil to get into is key. Then, start browning them on medium heat in a hefty pour of olive oil (the cloves should be about halfway covered), until they’re soft and have a little bit of color.

Side Effects May Include
This technique produces consistently cooked cloves. The texture of the smashed garlic will be somewhat creamy after soaking up all that fat; the longer you cook it, the …read more

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